5 News Apps That Keep You in the Know

If self-proclaimed news junky is one characteristic you’d use to describe yourself, then you’re like us. Always wanting to stay on top of the latest stories, is easy with cool apps like these, to get all the news and updates you need. With so many apps to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the right ones (gotta save those precious MBs). Here are our top picks for quick installation, ease of use and consistently fresh content and more.


Yahoo News Digest App Yahoo News Digest

This app is easy to set up and offers a customized experience per user. Tell Yahoo News Digest what kind of news you’re interested in and how often you want it sent to you. As stories break,  notifications let you know in a formatted post similar to a text message.  The articles are taken from news sources around the world making the app a global news aggregator. Top sources include the Associated Press, Reuters, Business Insider, AFP news and more.

Download here.






New York Times Mobile App  Logo New York Times

One of the best in-depth news sources of all time, the New York Times has earned the respect of readers around the globe. If you’re looking for high-quality, detailed coverage of leading stories, nationwide and globally, download the New York Times application. Its style, coverage and presentation makes it a serious contender.

Download here.






Associated Press App ReviewAP Mobile

The AP (Associated Press) is one of the oldest news wires in the United States, with a span of 243 news bureaus in over 120 countries. Many news sources, including Yahoo, pull stories from The AP wire for their readers. So why not go straight to the source? The AP App keeps you connected with breaking news from top journalists all around the world.

Download here.









NPR Ted Talks Podcast App Podcasts: TED NPR Radio Hour Podcasts

For those of you who have a daily commute, whether driving, biking, or riding the train, listening to an enlightening podcast from some of the world’s brightest commentators is a great way to start your day. TED, an acronym for Technology Education and Design, started as a one-off conference, that quickly grew into an annual meeting. Now, there are spin offs happening all around the world with TEDx events and more. Hosted by NPR’s award-winning reporter, Guy Raz, the TED Radio Hour is a well-thought, curated show that includes common themes based on some of the best TED speakers.

Download here.




BuzzFeed App Review BuzzFeed

If you don’t already have this app, you should. BuzzFeed is known for having funny, entertaining and sometimes obnoxious articles, but that’s why we love it. Life can be so serious, which means a good viral kitten video or outlandish quiz is necessary every once and a while. If you don’t get too caught up with irresistible headlines (enter: ’21 Photos Guaranteed to Make You Laugh Every Time’), there’s also a hard news articles feed.

Download here.


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Incipio iPad Air Privacy Screen ProtectorPlex™ Screen Protector 

Privacy Screen Protector for iPad Air

Incipio’s PLEX™ Privacy Screen Protector is the best way to protect your iPad Air screen from scratches, while deterring others from viewing your screen. Featuring a two-way privacy filter, the PLEX™ Privacy Screen Protector prevents wandering eyes from viewing your screen while web browsing, writing emails, or texting. Once in use, the PLEX™ Privacy Screen Protector allows you to view your screen clearly and securely, while people on all sides see a darkened screen. Learn how to put a screen protector on your device.







Incipio iPad Air 2 Case OCTANE™ FOLIO

Co-Molded Impact Absorbing Folio for iPad Air 2

Incipio introduced a new line of iPad Air cases last month. On the list was Incipio’s shock-absorbing Octane™ Folio for iPad Air 2. It’s precision-engineered with a rigid Plextonium™ polycarbonate back shell, an impact resistant Flex2O™ TPU textured bumper and a vegan leather front cover. With a translucent back and contrasting bumper, this iPad Air case is the perfect combination of style and protection.








Incipio Hi-Fi Stereo Headphonesf38 Over Ear Headphones

Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones

The f38 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones by Incipio are a new standard in the world of high fidelity audio. Its classic styling pays homage to clean design paired with superb sound. The f38 is powered by a 38 mm driver unit, the product’s namesake, and is the source of the rich bass and full spectrum sound that is the hallmark of the headphones.








Offgrid Portable Backup BatteryoffGRID™ Portable Backup Battery 4000MAH

Dual Port Backup Battery 4000MAH

Charge your device throughout your travels with the offGRID™ Portable Backup Battery 4000mAh. With a sleek soft touch finish and lightweight body, the 4000mAh offGRID Battery has enough power for fully charge most smartphones without worry.