4 Power Accessories That Belong on Your Summer Packing List

Incipio offGRID 4000mAh

You’ve planned out an epic summer vacation, which means it’s now time to start thinking about what to pack. Passport, swimsuits, versatile clothes, hats, sunblock…all the basics. But have you thought about how you’re going to keep your devices charged while you’re exploring your destination? Don’t get stuck with a 0% battery when you’re trying to nail the perfect “wish you were here” Instagram!

We’ve rounded up everything you need to keep your trip fully charged.



Incipio Ghost Qi 15W 3-Coil Wireless Charging Pad

Using our slim wireless charger while you’re on vacation will give you less to think about (something that’s always welcome when you’re OOO). Just plug it in at your destination’s hotel or Airbnb and you’re good to go. As you pop in and out of your room during your stay, you can just drop your Qi-enabled phone on the pad to charge, then pick your phone up when you need to check something out or head to the next adventure on your itinerary. No constant plugging in and unplugging required!


Shop the GHOST QI 15W 3-Coil Wireless Charging Pad.



Incipio offGRID 1500mAh

Let’s face it. Vacations drain our batteries…but for the best reasons: practically nonstop photo-taking, posting to social media and using Google Maps to find that amazing restaurant. Make sure you stay powered (without the need for an outlet) wherever you end up with our offGRID Backup Battery. It’s slim and lightweight so it hardly takes up any room, has a built-in Lightning cable (so you don’t have to carry extra cords) and will give your device an extra charge in practically no time.


Shop the offGRID 1500mAh Backup Battery With Lightning Cable.




Sadly, vacations fly by really fast, so it’s important to make the most of your time. With this super-handy wall charger, you can power two USB devices at once (like your e-reader and smartphone)—plus, the prongs fold in nicely so you can easily pack this in your travel bag.


Shop the 3.4A Dual Port USB Wall charger.



Incipio 15W USB-C Car Charger
Whether you’re road-tripping or ride-sharing on your vacation, having a car charger on hand is always a must. What’s easier or more convenient than charging your smartphone or tablet while getting to your next destination? Not only that, but our travel-friendly 15W USB-C Car Charger will fast-charge your device (making the most of your time in the car if it’s a short route), and it has a built-in USB-C connector so you don’t have to worry about commuting with extra cables.


Shop the 15W USB-C Car Charger.