10 Unique Ideas for New Year’s Eve

How will you be ringing in 2015? If you’re still wondering what to do on New Year’s Eve, we’re here to help!  We’ve rounded up 10 ideas for New Year’s Eve festivities that are sure to make this year one for the books. From a night in with close friends, to an all-out tropical vacation, we hope there’s something for everyone’s liking.

1. Host a dinner party

What better way to start the New Year than with your closest friends and loved ones? Put together a simple, yet refined, dinner menu and spend the night laughing and reminiscing with pals.

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2. Buy tickets for an event downtown

Get prepared to deal with crowds and join in on the fun. Look up online what’s going on NYE night in your city and head into town with friends.

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3. Take a camping trip

If staying up until midnight isn’t for you, pack up the car and head to a local mountain range or camping spot. It’s a great way to wind down and prepare for the New Year ahead.

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4. Spend a low-key night in with your significant other

Make plans for just the two of you to enjoy a nice dinner and rent that movie you’ve been meaning to see. Just because it’s New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean you have to go all out.

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5. Go somewhere tropical

While most people are shivering in their boots, take a trip somewhere with sand and sunshine. Whether it’s a far off destination or somewhere a bit closer to home, pack the swimsuits, sip from a tasty drink and unwind pool (or beach) side.

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6. Make you New Year’s plans

Sit down with your loved ones a jot down your 2015 goals and resolutions. From big dreams to small habit changes, getting all your New Year aspirations written out is usually the best way to start.

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7. Get crafty

If you have kids this a great opportunity for DIY party decorations at home. Pull up those Pinterest boards with ideas you’ve been pinning throughout the year and put together New Year’s hats, bake homemade treats and craft old-fashioned noise makers.

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8. Hit the town

Chances are some of your closest buds haven’t nailed down NYE plans either. Meet up at a local pub or eatery for a night of great food and drink.

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9. Get adventurous

Why wait for the New Year to check something off your bucket list? Hop in the car and just go. Since most people have the day off, it’s the perfect excuse for a night away.

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10. Go all out!

New Year’s Eve only comes around once a year. Throw a bash your friends won’t soon forget by reserving a private room at a nearby favorite restaurant or bar to ring in the New Year in style.

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