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Incipio’s Weekly Press Recap

CTIA 2012 buzz, offGRID PRO reviews, Sony Xperia casemaker announcement, new iPad reviews and much more. Incipio is all over the media!  See for yourself…


Weekly Press Recap

Thank you to all of our supporters and reviewers this week for featuring Incipio in your publication ! Truly, a great holiday gift for our company. Bespoke Case Customizer for iPhone 4 4S featured on Incipio’s offGRID Backup Battery Case for iPhone 4 4S on My Mobile Life: Episode #5 NGP and SILICRYLIC Cases for HTC TITAN by Incipio on Incipio dotties for iPhone 4 4S on Incipio offGRID Backup Battery Case for iPhone 4 4S on [...]


Candy-Coated Cases: Incipio’s M&M® Cases for iPhone 4

Fighting over candy on Halloween and the movie theater aromas instantly come to mind when I think of M&M’s®. No doubt, they are a household name whether you’re a movie buff or a couch potato.  Who hasn’t devoured a bag of those treats…SO delish!  Incipio loved them so much we created our very own iPhone 4 cases with your favorite candies.  A mouth-watering way to protect your phone!  Check out our cases and some interesting M&M® facts…