Incipio Best of Show CES 2014 Awards

Incipio returns from an exciting week at the 2014 International CES 2014 and is proud to announce winning five prestigious Best of Show Awards. After careful review from the technology experts at and Gotta Be Mobile, Incipio’s award-winning products include the Steno™ Bluetooth Keyboard Folio, BRAVEN BRV-X ultra-rugged waterproof speaker and more. See all below.

Best of Show Award: Special Award For Innovation: Incipio’s Braven Lineup 

“After acquiring Bluetooth speaker maker Braven, Incipio and the Braven team went into overdrive for one of the most impressive audio product lineups we’ve seen at CES. Vibe, a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi distributed audio system with speakers at various price points, impressed with both sonic quality and industrial design. The new BRV-X continued and enhanced Braven’s lineage as a ruggedized speaker maker, while new battery packs, Wi-Fi hotspot batteries, and the Mira shower-ready (but not shower-exclusive) speaker all hit squarely on their intended notes. No company is making as much of a technology push in 2014 as Incipio, and nowhere is that technology as diversely and practically demonstrated as in the Braven product line.”

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Best of Show Award: Incipio/Braven BRV-X

“Braven’s original BRV-1 had all the looks and on-paper features we hoped for in a water-resistant, ruggedized Bluetooth speaker, but the sound and battery were compromised by its small size. The $230 BRV-X is a no-compromises sequel designed to be used anywhere, as it’s bundled with a strap and alloy loops for mounting even on the exterior of an off-road vehicle; it’s also packed with superior speaker drivers and a larger battery than its predecessor. It helps that it looks stunning by ruggedized speaker standards, with two color options available.”

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Best of Show Finalist: Steno Keyboard Folio for iPad Air

“Best of Show Finalist: Incipio Steno for iPad Air. This $100 iPad Air keyboard case superficially looks like hundreds of others that have been released for full-sized iPads, yet benefits from a variety of small tweaks that improve the typing and usage experience. The slide-out keyboard has nearly uncompromised, hugely usable keys, with the ability to accommodate multiple iPad viewing angles, while the shell looks very professional due to a mix of glossy and matte textures. It’s not the most innovative product of its kind, but it’s uncommonly polished.”

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Best of Show Finalist: Incipio/Braven Mira

“Best of Show Finalist: Incipio/Braven Mira. Sold for only $100 and initially designed for Bluetooth use in a shower, the Braven-developed, waterproof Mira speaker is shaped like an oversized hockey puck and has a hook on the back for easy hanging on a shower head. Very good sound quality from three speakers enables it to be used anywhere you might want, and stainless steel accents are easy to clean off after normal use.”

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Gotta Be Mobile Best Accessory at 2014 CES – BRAVEN BRV-X Ultra-Rugged Bluetooth Speaker 

“CES is packed full of accessories galore as you roam the halls, so finding one that everyone can enjoy or benefit from took some time. After trying out the Braven Rugged Outdoor speaker, we knew we found the right one.”

“Its unique, rugged package, and great sound makes it our best accessory of CES 2014″