Weekly Press Recap

Weekly Press Recap

Festival season has officially began in Southern California! To help kill time on the long drive to the desert, read up on the latest buzz about Incipio® products in this week’s Press Recap.

Incipio® EDGE® for iPhone 5 featured in, “Incipio EDGE Case for iPhone 5″ | UltraLinx

“Overall I think the case is brilliant. It’s become my main case for my iPhone 5 purely because it provides some great protection without looking hideous. It’s very minimally styled which I’m sure many will appreciate.”

Incipio® DualPro™ SHINE for BlackBerry Z10 featured in, “Review” | BlackBerry Empire

“If you’re looking for ultimate protection at a great price without compromise then you need to pay attention to the Dual Pro Shine. It’s  a top of the line case at an affordable price which is also on top of technology as this case is made of radio transparent material so it won’t interrupt signal strength.”

Incipio® feather® for Nexus 4 featured in, “Incipio Feather case for Nexus 4 review” | The Hype Review

“Incipio has done something right with its Feather line of cases and that doesn’t seem to be changing.”

Incipio® Destroyer for iPhone 4 featured in, “Incipio Destroyer Ultra iPhone 4/4S Case {Review}” | Mommy Musings

“Let me start by saying, when it comes to cases, Incipio is not messing around.”

Incipio® Silicrylic for iPhone 4/4S featured in, “51 Cool Apple iPhone 4 Cases” | PC Mag

Incipio® Destroyer for iPhone 4 featured in, “51 Cool Apple iPhone 4 Cases” | PC Mag

Incipio® Case Offering for iPhone 5 featured on, T-Mobile.com

Incipio® DualPro™ for HTC One featured in, “Review” | Geekanoids

Incipio® feather® SHINE Case for HTC One featured in, “Incipio Feather Shine Case Review” | XDA Developers