Weekly Press Recap

Weekly Press Recap

Spring has officially arrived and Incipio® celebrated accordingly with the release of the 2013 Spring Lookbook. We’ve also sprung into action with the announcement of exciting new partnerships and case collection. Take a look at this week’s Press Recap to see what has the media buzzing about current and upcoming Incipio® products.

Incipio® FAXION™ for Nokia Lumia 920 featured in, “Style is the name of the Incipio Faxion’s game [Review]” | WinSource

“This case is of a design and attention-to-detail caliber that gives users the serious impression that this case will protect your device, live as long as you use it, and look good while doing it, too. The Faxion is one of the best cases out there, both for protection and style.”

Incipio® ATLAS™, offGRID™ and Alcantara Folio featured in, “Incipio Atlas and OffGRID for iPhone 5, Alcantara range for iPad/iPad mini and more… [CU Exposed 2013]” | Today’s iPhone 

“All-in-all, it was a pretty impressive show by Incipio. I can’t wait for the headliners to be released…”

Incipio® ATLAS™ Waterproof Case featured in, “9 ridiculously practical, multifunctional iPhone cases” | Yahoo! Shopping

“Tempered glass and a scratch- and impact-resistant soft shell allow your device to run underwater for up to an hour.”

Incipio® Flagship Folio featured in, “The Best iPad Covers and Cases” | The Inquirer

“Incipio’s flagship Folio case is a well built, sturdy case that is all about offering the best viewing angles. Suited to any movie buff of any height or age, the Folio offers eight different viewing modes via its built-in kickstand so there’ll be no neck straining during movie watching.”

Incipio® ATLAS™  Waterproof Case featured in, “Incipio’s Atlas iPhone 5 Waterproof Case With Tempered Glass Ready For Pre-Order” | Fashion Phone Case

“We think the Atlas will be worth the wait considering it’s the only waterproof and drop-protective iPhone 5 case available that features a built-in tempered glass which is superior to all of the pesky built-in plastic screen shields every waterproof case comes with. The advantage to a waterproof case that utilizes a tempered glass visage is that it’s less susceptible to scratches while it offers an ultra-smooth touchscreen response for a naked-like tactile experience with your iPhone.”

Incipio® Stowaway® and Stashback™ for iPhone 5 featured in, “Put a Bit Of Personality Into Your Smartphone Cover With These 4 Ideas” | Make Use Of

“The Incipio Stowaway case, available for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4s, has a discreet flap which pops up to reveal a space where you can place your items.”

Incipio® DualPro™ for Galaxy SIII featured in, “Best Samsung Gsalaxy S3 Cases” | Digital Trends

“It is a snug fit, gives you all the access you need, and looks really stylish with that distinctive camera cutout and two-tone color effect.”

Incipio® Mini Auto Charger and Ultra Compact Auto Charger with Lightning Cable featured in, “Reviews” | iLounge

Incipio® Case Collection for Samsung Galaxy S4 featured in, “Incipio Announces Case Collection For Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone” | Social Tech Pop

Incipio® DualPro™ for BlackBerry Z10 featured in, “Incipio DualPro Hard Case with Silicone Core for BlackBerry Z10″ | CrackBerry 

Incipio® feather® for BlackBerry Z10 featured in, “Incipio Feather Ultralight Hard Case for BlackBerry Z10″ | CrackBerry

Incipio® feather SHINE™ for BlackBerry Z10 featured in, “Incipio Feather SHINE Hard Case for BlackBerry Z10″ | CrackBerry