Weekly Press Recap

Press Recap

The tech world buzzed this week as HTC® unveiled the long-anticipated One flagship device. Likewise, Incipio® had an exciting week with the ultra-rugged lineup of Stanley® case offerings making high marks, among many other Incipio® favorites. For up-to-date reviews of the latest Incipio® gear, check out this week’s Press Recap.

Incipio® feather® for HTC 8x featured in, “[CASE] Incipio Feather Grey review” | Windows Phone Central 

“The case itself is very slim and light. It provides a good grip and the back has a nice soft touch feeling without being one of those rubberized backs found on cheap cases.”

Stanley® Ultra-Rugged Cases for iPhone 5 featured in, “Protect Your iPhone 5 with the Tough, Durable Stanley Case Collection” | Mommy Living the Life of Riley

“Knowing my iPhone 5 is protected by the three-layer technology offered by the Dozer case makes it easier to incorporate my phone into everyday activities.”

Incipio® Stashback™ for iPhone 5  featured in, “What’s In The Based Update’s Mailbox” | The Based Update

“This case is approved! This case is very secure and not a pain to get it on at all! Very secure, designed well, lots of colors to choose from and ready to go.”

Incipio® feather® for BlackBerry® Z10 featured in, “Review: Incipio feather Ultra Thin Snap-On Case for BlackBerry Z10″ | BlackBerry Empire

“Overall I would definitely use this case as my main case being it has absolutely no bulk and it feels like I am holding my Z10 without a case. This feather case for the BlackBerry Z10 is very slick in design and functionality but yet protects the case just the way we want.”

Incipio® NGP® for iPad retina featured in, “Incipio NGP case for iPad (3rd generation) review” | Okay Geek

“Overall, the Incipio NGP has to be my favorite case for the new iPad. Personally, I have yet to see an iPad case that I truly like but the NGP changes that – it just does so many things right so simply.”

Incipio® Frequency™ for iPhone 5 featured in, “Review” | AppScreencast

Incipio® Padded Sleeve for Microsoft Surface featured in, “Review” Boored At Work