Stay Charged | How to Maximize your Smartphones’ Battery Life

Smartphone batteries can’t last forever (even though how cool would it be if they did). While carrying around a portable backup battery or being near an outlet is always the ideal situation when you’re in the red zone, sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. For this reason, we’ve compiled some tips on how to maintain your devices battery when you need juice the most.


1. Turn off push notifications

Do you really need to see who commented on your Instagram the second it happened? Many apps are not time-sensitive and therefore turning off push notifications is one way save power.

2. Switch up your settings

Did you know most smartphones leave location services on 24/7? How annoying. Go into settings and for location needed apps like weather or maps, make sure your device is only fetching its location while those apps are in use.

3. Get Help from Apps

Not sure where to start with saving your battery life? Download an app that like Battery Doctor or DU Battery Saver, which tracks which of your own apps and activities are drowning your juice.

4. Turn on Low Power Mode, Battery Saving Mode etc.

No matter what smartphone you have, most operating systems have a battery saving mode. These modes will turn off mail fetch, background refresh and more to help extend your battery.

5. Airplane mode as a last resort

Are you running on 5% but need your phone to call an uber later? Toggle on airplane mode to maintain those last precious moments of battery.

How do you maximize your smartphones’ battery life? Let us know below in the comments!