Creative Ways To Use CommandKit Accessories At Home

Creative Ways To Use CommandKit Accessories At Home

With virtually no configuration required, it’s easy to integrate Incipio’s Apple® Home-Kit certified CommandKit™ Wireless Smart Outlet and Wireless Smart Light Bulb Adapter accessories into your home. First thing’s first. Download the free Incipio CommandKit App from the App Store, in order to sync up your accessories with home electronics. Using the app, you can even assign unique names for every room in your home and create specific voice commands using Siri for things like, “Turn off the lights”. All of this, hands-free.

You may still be thinking, “what would I use the CommandKit accessories for?”. We’re here to help with creative, practical suggestions for turning your home into a smart home.

Available on the App Store

CommandKit™ Light Bulb Adapter

1. Lights Are The New Alarm Clock

Need a little extra help getting out of the bed in the morning? With the CommandKit™ App and Smart Light Bulb Adapter in place, create customized “events” by utilizing time triggers, like scheduling bedroom lights to come on every Monday-Friday at 6:00AM. No more excuses for being late to work!

2. Ever Heard of Geo-Fencing?

The CommandKit™ App was designed with a geo-fencing function that enables Incipio CommandKit Accessories to be scheduled to turn on or off automatically as a specific location is left or approached. Can’t remember if the lights were turned off? No problem. Rely on Incipio’s smart accessories to automatically turn your lights on or off according to your demand.

3. Set the Mood <3 

We get it. It’s the first date, you’ve slaved all day to make an incredible dinner and just like that, you’ve forgotten to dim the lights just right. Getting up from the table is not an option. Instead, use Incipio’s Smart Light Bulb Adapter accessory and App to dim the lights to your preference without touching the wall switch. Not only can dimming set the mood, but it can also help save up to 18% of energy costs*.

*Must be used with dimmable light bulbs

CommandKit™ Light Bulb Adapter

4. “Wait, Did I Turn That Off?”

How many times have you asked yourself that in the car? The curling iron? Space Heater? These can be dangerous electronics to leave on all day unattained. Using the Wireless Smart Outlet from Incipio, you can easily turn appliances on or off with the switch of a toggle in the CommandKit™ App.

5. Office Appliances

Office buildings are notoriously chilly. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn on the space heater at your desk before arriving? Well, now you can. Instead of arriving to a cold office, simply use Siri to “Turn on Office Heater” in the CommandKit App, and walla!, your space will be warm upon arrival.

CommandKit™ Smart Outlet

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