Go Green with our CommandKit™ Accessories

Go Green with our CommandKit™ Accessories

Happy Earth Day! This day, first celebrated in 1969, is meant to bring awareness to our environment and how we, as a planet, can preserve it. Here at Incipio, we care a lot about how we’re impacting the environment. Our energy efficient CommandKit™ Accessories, the Wireless Smart Outlet with Metering and the Wireless Smart Light Bulb Adapter with Dimming, can both help reduce your environmental footprint.

When it comes to how much energy your home is using, knowledge is power. The Wireless Smart Outlet with Metering allows you to monitor energy usage by logging the power used by devices plugged into the outlet. By tracking your device’s energy consumption over time using our free Incipio CommandKit app, you may reduce usage and even lower your monthly bill.

CommandKit™ Smart Outlet

The Wireless Smart Light Bulb Adapter is also energy efficient and cost effective due to its dimming* feature. Dimming allows you to dim the lights to your preference. Dimming a lightbulb by 20% can save up to 18% of energy costs and can also extend the lifetime of your light bulb from six months to three years.

*Must be used with dimmable light bulbs.

CommandKit™ Light Bulb Adapter

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