Recapped: Microsoft’s Surface Event

Recapped: Microsoft’s Surface Event

Today in New York City, Microsoft unveiled some new products to their product family including the Surface Studio PC, an updated Surface Book as well as a refresh on Windows 10.

The Microsoft Surface Studio is a stunning desktop computer and measuring at only 12.5mm, it’s the “world’s thinnest LCD monitor ever built”, according to Panos Panay, who leads Microsoft’s devices team. Not only is it thin, the new PC has touch screen ability and has a display of 13.5 million pixels which is 63% more than a 4k television.

studio PC wired

The Surface Studio [Image Courtesy of Wired]


The desktop supports a wide range of accessories including the Surface pen and the brand new Surface Dial. The new accessory, which looks like a puck, goes directly on the PC to trigger changing features like volume, screen brightness and more. The desktop will be available this holiday season, ranging from $3,000-$4,199 depending on hardware options.

surface dial

The Surface Dial [Image Courtesy of TechRadar]

Along with the Surface Studio, Microsoft introduced an updated Surface Book. Deemed the most powerful Surface Book they’ve ever produced, this model comes with 30% more battery life and double the graphics performance than previous models. The Surface Book will be available on November 10th, ranging from $2,399-$3,299.

surface book wired

The Surface Book [Image Courtesy of Wired]

Along with new products, Microsoft also announced its next big update to Windows 10. With a focus on creativity, Microsoft is bringing 3D and gaming to new levels. Microsoft wants 3D to be accessible to people at home so they’ve introduced 3D as part of their classic programs like Paint, where you’ll be able to create 3D shapes or insert 3D objects into PowerPoint presentations. While gaming won’t be in 3D quite yet, Microsoft introduced a game streaming service called Beam which will allow gamers to watch other gamers’ broadcasts or set up their own live stream. Windows 10 be will be available in Spring 2018.