Now Available: Nokia Lumia 520 & 521 Cases

Nokia Lumia Cases

Protect Nokia’s latest devices with style and durability. Now available for the Lumia 520 and 521, the feather® and NGP® Cases

The NGP® case is made from durable Flex2O™ material and provides superior impact resistant protection. The smooth matte finish allows you to easily slide your device in to, and out of, your pocket. Convenient wrap around design protects against daily wear and tear and makes installation a breeze. 

The feather® case shields your device from daily wear and tear with a high density Plextonium™ frame. Lightweight protection in a low profile design is what makes the feather® case a fan-favorite. Additionally, it’s quick snap-on application allows for secure and easy use. 

Get the feather® and NGP® Case for Nokia Lumia 520 here

Get the feather® case for Nokia Lumia 521 here