Marissa’s Grown Up Christmas List


This week, Marissa from the Marketing department shares with us her Incipio Grown up Christmas List.  This active young lady created a wish list jam packed with sports gear and Incipio accessories.  If Marissa gets everything on her Christmas List she’ll be on an adventure in a heartbeat.  See what Marissa has on her Christmas List…


This is a great holiday mix of Christmas gifts and Incipio gadgets for one with an active lifestyle.   Switching it up between skiing and snowboarding and finding “balance” with the Indo Board means Marissa needs Incipio’s Expat Backpack to carry all the necessary accessories to get through the day.  Incipio’s offGRID battery pack will ensure Marissa is never left without power for her iPhone while she’s on-the-go!

Where to Buy:
1. Indo Board Original
2. Incipio f38 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones
3. Incipio offGRID Backup Battery Case for iPhone 4 4S
4. Nike Lunar Glide
5. The Spur Watch
6. Volkl Women’s Kenja Flat Ski 2012
7. Forum Women’s Spinster 148 Snowboard (2012)
8. Expat Nylon Backpack