Weekly Press Recap

Weekly Press Recap

Incipio_Weekly Press Recap

Incipio is finishing an exciting week with the recent announcement of the Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case for iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5/5s. Get all the details on the Cashwrap Case and catch reviews on Incipio’s latest products in this week’s press recap.

Incipio ATLAS™ Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S™ 4 featured in, “Hands-on: Incipio Atlas Ultra Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 review” | Pocket-Lint 

“To say that the phone case wasn’t tough would be a serious understatement.”

Incipio NGP® for iPhone 5c featured in, “Best iPhone 5C cases: Keeping it colourful for 2014″ | Know Your Mobile

“Incipio makes the NGP flexible case for a range of handsets and it’s a good looking option on all of them, including the iPhone 5C.”

“The Incipio Feather is another case the company makes for several models, like the NGP it is form-hugging but it’s made from rigid polycarbonate materials for a different feel.”

Incipio f80 In-Ear Headphones featured in, “Incipio’s f80 Hi-Fi Stereo Earbuds keep you knee-deep in clear sound for a budget price” | Tuaw

“My ears normally start to hurt a bit after using my Apple earpods for more than 45 minutes. With the Incipio f80’s, my ears spent a whole two-hour walk feeling perfectly comfy.”

“The Incipio f80 brings a surprisingly deep range of sound with it for a pair of relatively budget-priced earbuds. Bass has a considerable amount of weight without ever overpowering the actual music, providing nuance to rock, jazz, and hip hop that outshines Apple’s incredibly solid default earpods. Even when really pushing the limits of your volume knob, there’s never any distortion, just a clear clean solid dose of sound.”

“Audiophiles may be mad we’re giving this set of buds such a high score, but for the cost you’re getting four-star sound.”

Incipio Lexington® Folio for iPad mini with Retina display featured in, “Incipio Lexington Case for iPad Mini with Retina – Review” | Chip Chick

“Looking for a stylish, sophisticated case for your iPad Mini Retina? Then check out the Lexington Kickstand Folio case from Incipio. Like many of Incipio’s cases, this case is made out of a combination of their Plextonium, microsuede and Vegan (faux) leather. ”

“The Good: Slim design that offers ample protection. Professional look and nice color choices. Priced affordably.”

Incipio offGRID™ Charging Solutions featured in, “Incipio boasts multiple backup power options” | iDownload Blog

“Overall, this is a great case and I enjoy using it when I know power is an issue. It is incredibly small, with a clean look, and smooth feel. Improved installation is appreciated, but the headphone jack extender is annoying, although a necessary evil.”

“I carried the offGRID in my pack throughout CES, even around the show floor. It added no noticeable weight to my bag and took up less space than a pack of cigarettes, not that I smoke. Because the offGRID case and backup battery both use a Micro USB, I only needed to take one cable with me to charge both backups, further saving space.”

Incipio CES Booth featured in, “[CES 2014] Incipio Is Bringing Their Latest To The Table” | Android Dissected

“While I love the look and feel of the cases Incipio offers, they have really entered the space of accessories and entered it strong. While they have many external battery options available, they also announced desktop and car chargers coming this month!”

“The Incipio booth at CES was one of those areas were you could feel excitement, and I think these announcements show why. I’m sure they have some other things up their sleeves for 2014, so we’ll have to wait and see. I want to thank the Incipio rep for the helpful walkthrough and knowledge about the android offerings, as they had many, where others had none.”

Incipio Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case featured in, “Incipio Cashwrap Case Gives Your iPhone NFC Capabilities” | TIME Mag

Mobile accessory manufacturer Incipio recently unveiled the Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case, a protective shell for iPhone devices that also offers near-field communication (NFC) capability.”

Incipio Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case featured in, “A Case That’ll Finally Give Your iPhone NFC Powers” | WIRED

“While Apple may never make a phone with NFC, iPhone 5 and 5s owners can at least pick up a case that comes with one of the chips embedded. Slap on an Incipio Cashwrap, download the Isis Mobile Wallet iOS app, and you’ll be tapping, smacking, banging, and waving your iPhone in any shop nationwide that accepts mobile payments.”

Incipio Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case featured in, “This case will turn your iPhone into a mobile wallet for $70″ | Engadget

“After a brief tease earlier this week, Incipio has officially unveiled its iPhone mobile payment case. The Cashwrap Mobile Wallet gives most iPhone users NFC payment support at any place that accepts Isis; beyond the case, all you need is a compatible account and a free app. If you’re eager to stop paying with plastic cards, the Cashwrap should be available online for $70.”

Incipio Cashwrap Mobile Wallet featured in, “Incipio’s $70 Cashwrap NFC case turns your iPhone into a digital wallet” | CNN Money

“Apple’s iPhone can’t do wireless payments at terminals that use NFC, nor near-field communications chips. Or can it? The Incipio Cashwrap case actually adds this functionality, which is needed for the Isis payment system in the U.S.”

Incipio Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case featured in, “Incipio Cashwrap Case Brings NFC to the iPhone” | Chip Chick

“Incipio smartphone cases usually tend to be something more than just smartphone cases, and the Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case is no exception. The case makes up for the fact that the iPhone still lacks NFC, packing in Isis Mobile Wallet to make your iPhone into a true touch-and-go payment device.”

Incipio Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case featured in, “Isis NFC iPhone Payments A Possibility With Incipio Cashwrap” | Ubergizmo

“Isis requires NFC or near field communication to function, which we all know isn’t present in iPhones. This means that millions of iPhone owners in the U.S. can’t use this service, though that might change with Incipio’s Cashwrap case.”

Incipio Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case featured in, “Incipio’s Cashwrap Case Brings NFC Technology To The iPhone” | App Advice

Even though Apple seems to be in no hurry to add NFC technology to iOS devices, Incipio is coming to the rescue.”

Incipio Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case featured in, “Incipio’s $70 Cashwrap NFC case turns your iPhone into a digital wallet” | Gigaom

“iPhone owners may soon be able to use their phone to wirelessly pay for goods at Isis payment terminals. The Incipio Casewrap adds NFC capabilities to the iPhone and is reportedly being stocked at some AT&T locations.”

Incipio Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case featured in, “Incipio & AT&T finally launch NFC-enabled Cashwrap iPhone case for ISIS payments” | 9 to 5 Mac

“While ISIS is usually restricted to NFC enabled Android devices, Incipio teamed up with AT&T to create a case for iPhone called Cashwrap that builds-in the NFC chip and allows iPhone users to make payments using ISIS. Today the company has finally made things official announcing that The Cashwrap will be available online starting today for $69. It will also land in AT&T retail locations starting January 31.”

Incipio Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case featured in, “AT&T and Incipio introduce new ‘Cashwrap’ NFC iPhone case” | iDownload Blog

“Incipio announced today the launch of its new Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and 5s. The case features NFC tech, and works with the Isis Mobile Wallet app that lets users pay with their smartphones at participating retailers. The accessory-maker has teamed up with AT&T to bring the Cashwrap to the masses, and it will be available in the company’s stores starting this month. The goal here is to get more iPhone owners using the carrier-backed Isis for mobile payments…”

Incipio featured in, “Business Tips: Designing for the Customer” | Yahoo! News

Incipio Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case featured in, “iLOUNGE – “Incipio Debuts Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case” | iLounge 

Incipio Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case featured in, “iPhone Case for Mobile Payments May Hit AT&T Soon” | Laptop Mag