Ignite your Road Trip Intuition!


It’s about that time again when the cool summer breeze sparks your adventurous side.  We know you are ready to explore with your besties. So, keep all of your devices fully charged! Incipio’s offering a free OX cable with a purchase of any Car Charger when you use the coupon code at checkout*. Don’t stress about static on the radio station as you drive off the beaten path when you can be jamming out to the new Black Keys song via OX cable. Plus, the worst feeling in the world is when you can’t post your b-e-a-utiful scenic photo on your Instagram because your smartphone is dead.  I mean, you want to brag to all of your followers, right? Simply enter the coupon code at checkout and enjoy using your car charger and OX cable on your road trip to paradise.

*Coupon Code: ROADTRIP