Incipio Fan Profile: Jordan Krinke, Miss Central Coast 2013, Miss California 3rd Runner Up

Jordan Krinke

Avid dancer, pageant competitor and Incipio fan, Jordan Krinke, sat down with us to share a bit about her current ventures, what it’s like competing in the Miss California pageant and why she loves Incipio products! Read her interview here…

Q: “What’s a ‘day in the life’ like for a career dancer?”

A: “Currently, I am signed with my dream talent agency, McDonald and Selznick Associates (MSA) in their commercial dance division. It is a really fun industry to be in, although it is competitive, I find it enthralling. I just finished working on the hit TV show, GLEE under the choreographic direction of Brooke Liption and Zach Woodlee, and Bunheads, choreographed by Marguerite Derricks. Additionally, I just worked on a project for the Mattel Toy Company as Barbie with Teresa Espinso and Meisha Lee. Lastly, I had the absolute privilege to work on an international Skechers Shoe commercial choreographed by Mandy Moore. I am always to grateful to work with such amazing, inspirational, diversified choreographers. They really inspire me, and it is quite a humbling experience. So right now, I audition about 2-3 times at the least a week for commercial dance jobs, and I absolutely love it.”

Q: “Tell us about your experience with the Miss California Organization”

A: “I am currently Miss Central Coast, with the Miss America System, a scholarship program that empowers young woman to take advantage of their education and service their community. I have had a great experience competing under the Miss America System, I have held a local few titles, as well as Miss California’s Outstanding Teen in 2007, which has enabled me to raise just about 20,000 scholarship dollars for my education at Chapman University.”

Q: “Why do you love Incipio? How do our products work with your lifestyle?”

A: “As a dancer, I love the quality of the cases, I feel like if I was to drop my phone, my Incipio case would protect it. My absolute favorite item by Incipio are the amazing headphones. The sound quality, noise reduction, volume, and comfort are so important to me and Incipio has given me all of those variables I seek out in a product, and I really love the aesthetic look of the headphones. As someone, who has to ‘get in the zone’ for auditions, shows, rehearsals, or pageants, I think these will be forever be my in the zone headphones. I really love them. They really allow me to focus on what I need to focus on, and not get distracted! Also, because I like to warm up and stretch with my headphones, I LOVE how long the headphone cable is. It never comes out while I am stretching, it is so great! Lastly, one of my hobbies is music mixing and editing, these headphones allow me to hear every cut or change I make to my music and help me to not have a lot of errors or glitches in the overall track of music!


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