Incipio DualPro Case Saves Galaxy S4

“I’m writing this message on my S4, something that I would probably not be able to do had your company not sold such a great product. Today your business saved me hundreds, not to mention lost time as I run a small business from this phone.”

Accidents happen. Incipio cases are designed to protect your devices from those unavoidable moments. We recently received a customer testimony regarding a forgotten Samsung Galaxy S4 on the top of a car. After miles down the highway, Jason remembered his device had been left on the roof and immediately pulled onto the shoulder. Among gravel and debris, he found his GS4 face down with tire marks on the back of his Incipio DualPro Case. Picking it up and assuming the worst, Jason discovered the Incipio screen protector had over two dozen rock chips, but the display remained completely in tact. There was not a scratch to be found anywhere on the phone. Photos of Jason’s phone below.

GS4 DualPro

Incipio DualPro Case

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