Incipio Car Charger for Toshiba Gigabeat S

Toshiba Gigabeat Car ChargerRunning out of battery power on the road can be very frustrating. Incipio Technologies has been developing solutions for handheld devices and mobile phones for several years. Among these solutions are chargers and cables to help you stay connected and powered up even while driving. Incipio has recently released a car charger for the Gigabeat, the slick new player from Toshiba.

Designed for portability it can simply be connected to your car’s cigarette lighter.

Incipio Technologies has always focused on providing high quality products and has partnered with Toshiba to produce this and other accessories. Incipio offers a wide range of Toshiba Gigabeat accessories, which consist of Car Chargers, Cradles, Cases, Cables and Wall Chargers.

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