The Couple Who Travels Together, Stays Together: #TakeCharge Ambassadors, @busesandpackpacks

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“Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer” is a very true statement for our newest #TakeCharge Ambassadors Matt and Ariana, who together make up the Instagram account @busesandbackpacks. The duo, born in separate parts of the country, discovered their love for travel and each other while abroad. Ever since meeting on the road, they’ve travelled to 16 countries and counting, taking incredible shots along the way. From their scariest travel experience to their offGRID Battery Case coming in clutch, take a look inside the world of @busesandbackpacks.

Who is @busesandbackpacks and what is your story? 

We’re a couple that has always loved travel. Ariana was born in Wisconsin and Matt in San Diego. Our love for travel was found while abroad (Australia for Ariana and Asia for Matt). We eventually met on the road and since that moment we have been on a continuous adventure together.

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You’re constantly traveling to new places, but where do you call home and what’s the best part about it?

Right now Austin, Texas is home. We have been here for three months so we are still learning the ins and outs of the city and where the locals’ favorites are. The BBQ is pretty great, as is the nature. And the number of pools to people in the city is about 1:1 because it is so hot.

How did you get into documenting your travels on Instagram?

We wanted to share our experiences with friends and family and then realized it would also be amazing to share our travels with the world. We first started ‘gramming while we were in South America and have continued to document our travels back in the US too. Europe is next up on the itinerary.

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What are your top 5 travel essentials?

Funny you ask! We recently did a blog post about our travel essentials.

GRAYL Filtered Watter Bottle, offGRID Express Battery Case, Headphone Splitter, BirkSun Solar Charge, Westwood Sunglasses

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One place you’ve been and would never go back to?

This is a tough one! All the cities we have traveled to have been pretty amazing. If we had to choose one, it would probably be La Paz, Bolivia. If we were to go back we would have to explore the outskirts of the city and adventure to Death Road and Illimani, however La Paz did have the most amazing vegetarian restaurant and farmers markets!

What apps do you use to edit Instagram Photos?

Instagram is a pretty amazing tool, we actually don’t find the need to use any other app!

Ever gotten yourselves into a scary predicament on a trip?

We think the scariest moment was when we were in a cab in Lima, Peru at 4:00am. The cab driver was fading in and out of sleep while speeding through a construction zone. It was a miracle we made it to the airport alive. We are thankful that we don’t have a more horrifying story!

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Tell us about a time the offGRID Express Battery Case came in clutch. 

You know those times you’re stuck in the airport? Bad weather, a broken window or maybe the pilot is missing? Yeah, it sucks! Any time we are in the airport we make sure to carry our offGRID Express Battery Case. We were stuck in the airport the other day for hours and of course all the outlets were taken. It was pretty clutch having the offGRID. We were able to stay charged while sipping on a beer at the bar instead of huddling around a small table full of strangers desperate for any amount of juice they could get.

What are five items on your bucket list?

 Eating fresh pasta in Italy, Yacht Week, Bungee Jump off Nevis in New Zealand, Ice Climbing in Iceland and eating gallons of Pho in Vietnam

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