7 of the Best Travel Apps to Vacation Like a Pro


Tis the season for vacation. And whether your plans include hopping in the car for a road trip across the state or jetsetting to an international destination, you want to ensure you’re equipped to travel like a pro. We’ve rounded up the 7 best travel apps, so you’ll have the know-how to eat, speak and spend like a regular globetrotter.

1. Hopper

If you don’t plan accordingly, flights can easily become the bulk of your vacation budget. Hopper is here to help. Via its “Watch a Flight” function, you can set your desired route in the app and be notified when the price drops. Other functions include monitoring the best days to fly for those on strict budgets as well as the most cost-effective airports for arrivals and departures.

Hopper App

2. Gas Buddy

Summer is notorious for surging gas prices. Gas Buddy helps avoid pain at the pump by giving you options for the lowest prices near your geographical location. It can also summarize gas prices for your entire trip and advise on current fuel trends.

Gas Buddy App

3. Localeur

Know one knows a hometown like the locals. Get the download on the best of everything a town has to offer with Localeur. From restaurants and bars, to coffee shops and hang out spots, your reservation plan just got a lot easier.

Localeur App

4. AirBnB

There’s not place like home, wouldn’t you say? While away, hotels aren’t always necessarily the friendliest choice for travelers on a budget or a large group. Skip the hotel stay and book a place through AirBnB. And if you’re looking for a little travel inspiration, scroll their Instagram for perfectly curated destinations.

Airbnb App

6. Google Translate

If your passport is part of your packing list, chances are you’re traveling to a foreign country. Don’t be overwhelmed by an unfamiliar language upon arrival. Google Translate makes it easy to translate that menu you’re desperately trying to read.

Google Translate

6. Entrain

Jet lag can be a real drag. Created by a college research group, Entrain monitors your body’s intrinsic clock to help alleviate the effect of jet lag. Its secret dwells in the use of light that triggers our bodies to either wake up or fall asleep. Certainly worth a try for your next trip to a different time zone.

Entrain App

7. Skype

A go-to for those who travel mostly for business, Skype is a great tool for staying in constant communication from anywhere in the world. Simply connect to WiFi and login either on your mobile or laptop for video calls, voice calls and messaging.

Skype App


All of these apps can take a toll on battery life, not to mention the photos and uploads from every stop. Grab an offGRID Battery Bank to stay stocked on power wherever your travels take you. It’s got enough power to recharge smartphones up to six times and two ports for charging two devices at once.