Award-Winning Heritage Cases, Now Available for iPhone 7 + iPhone 7 Plus

Award-Winning Heritage Cases, Now Available for iPhone 7 + iPhone 7 Plus

It’s official. We got the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and our cases fit.

Over the next week, we want to share with you our entire range of cases we have to protect these new devices. First up are our award-winning heritage cases that have become fan favorites over the years due to their timeless style and reliable, durable protection. And as always, we’re happy to answer your questions on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

1. Octane Case for iPhone 7 

Engineered with a rigid back shell and shock absorbent textured bumper, the Octane iPhone 7 case, now available in two new colors, protects against everyday dents and drops. Finished with a translucent back and contrasting colorful bumper, this case provides protection while showing off your device.

Grande Octane 01

*Artist rendering

2. DualPro Case for iPhone 7 Plus

One of our tried and true cases, the impact resistant and shock absorbing iPhone 7 Plus DualPro Case will defend your device from day to night. The two-layers of interlocking defense work together to protect your phone throughout any situation.

3. NGP Case for iPhone 7

There’s a reason our NGP Case continues to be an all around favorite. The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine and WireCutter have all named it one of the best cases for iPhone 6. Made with shock absorbing material that is stretch and tear resistant, you can rely on this case to provide a barrier between your device and everyday use.

4. EDGE Chrome for iPhone 7 Plus

This two piece case adds style to your iPhone 7 Plus without compromising protection. The EDGE Chrome has a soft touch shell and contrasting chrome bottom piece while still protecting your device from scrapes and scratches.

5. DualPro SHINE for iPhone 7

The only thing better than one layer of defense? Two layers. The DualPro SHINE has an aluminum style finish with two layers of interlocking defense to protect your device from heavy wear and tear. It’s the ideal case for anyone looking for a stylish yet protective case.