5 Quick Tips About the New Sony Xperia Z4


Sony Xperia Z4

With a lightweight and water-resistant build, the recently released Sony Xperia Z4 brings new features to Sony’s Z smartphone series. The Z4 brings many of the features found in its predecessors, with a few improvements that may make it the perfect phone for your needs. Here are a few specs to help you decide whether the Sony Xperia Z4 is a good choice for you.

1. Protective Design

Smartphone owners are always worried about damaging their devices, since replacement can be expensive. The Z4 features a design that keeps moisture and dust out, with certifications for both waterproofing and dust-proofing. Tempered glass and an aluminum frame make it durable without adding weight.

2. Powerful Operation

Z4 owners have access to the most powerful processor in the industry, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 84-bit octa-core processor. The phone includes integrated 4G LTE for the fastest possible streaming and browsing, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity that is as much as 50 percent faster than its predecessors.

3. One-Touch Connectivity

The line between mobile device use and TV viewing is blurring in many homes, as consumers send videos directly from their smartphones and tablets to their television sets. The Xperia Z4 can be touched directly to a compatible remote control to easily send photos and videos from the phone to a nearby TV. This same feature can also be used to play music on NFC-enabled speakers with a couple of taps.

4. High-Quality Pictures

The camera is similar to previous models, with a 21 MP sensor that provides high-quality resolution when in HDR mode. The Z4 also provides high-quality 1080p HD video recording and the ability to capture vivid photos and videos even in low light. A feature called Superior Auto adjusts the camera to take the best picture possible based on the visual information it senses in the environment.

5. Battery Life

For the Z4, Sony includes a 2930 mAh battery, which it says is as efficient as the previous model. Since the Z3 received good reviews for battery life, this is good news for consumers. Sony promises two days of battery life in the Z4, with the ability to play up to 91 hours of music or watch more than nine hours of HD video. Using a feature called Extended Standby Mode, device owners can extend the life of the battery by four times regular mode. This puts all apps on standby when the device is idle until the power button is pushed, at which point everything comes back to life.

The Sony Xperia Z4 is an exciting new release of a phone that is already popular with consumers. With similar features to its predecessors and a more powerful processor, the Z4 smartphone is a great choice for any customer shopping for a new device.